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35: Life Hack: 5 Tips For Stronger Intuition & Decision Making Skills

In today’s episode, we break down intuition into easily understandable terms and explain how to separate thoughts you can use for guidance from fear. At the end, both Nicole & Mia share their top tips for increasing intuitive thinking like how to “trust your gut,” the importance of clearing negativity and more.

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34: Pro Tip: 3 Quick Tips for Investing In Rest & Your Zoom Fall Wardrobe (Giveaway!)

The Sup, Babe? squad picks Nicole’s brain on how to get the most out of your wardrobe and what trends we’ll be seeing on Zoom this fall. Stay tuned to the end for 3 easy tips to help you think about investing in your rest with the right clothes & routines- as well as an awesome giveaway from our fave pajama brand, PJ Salvage!

Text us to enter the giveaway at: 917-540-7949 or email: (for anything else!).

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33: Life Hack: Why Celebs Are Screaming About Sex Positivity & You Should Too

In today’s episode, we discuss the sexy, saucy WAP video and share some other sex positive shows to add to your tv list. We end with some easy hacks for improving your own mindset around sexuality.

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31: Pro Tip: How To Thrive in Male Dominated Industries w/ Rachael O’Brien (Part 2)

The second half of this two part series gets deep into Rachael & Nicole’s personal experiences within their respective industries & what they’ve learned. ICYMI, Rachael O’Brien is a famed comedian & host of the podcast Be Here A While. Press play to hear their TOP 3 tips for surviving & thriving in ANY male-dominated industry, like how to make femininity your secret weapon, when to draw the line & more.

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32: Life Hack: 5 Easy Ways To Use Cottagecore & Nature Therapy to Get Grounded

In today’s life hack episode, Nicole & Mia discuss the similarities between cottagecore and nature therapy.
Press play to learn:
– why nature therapy is so good for us (#fact)
– how to build it into your everyday lifestyle effortlessly

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30: Trend Alert: This *New* Online Movement Is Actually Good For Your Health

We go deep into the internet trend you’re seeing everywhere (even if you’re not aware of it): Cottagecore. We discuss its roots, how it’s actually beneficial for all of us, and how you can search it or participate in IG/TikTok.

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29: Pro Tip: How To Thrive in Male Dominated Industries w/ Rachael O’Brien (Part 1)

So many nuggets in this casual chat between two internet besties: Rachael O’Brien & Nicole Rosé. Rachael is a famed comedian & host of the podcast Be Here A While. Click in to hear how they went from crazy college kids, to ballsy 20 somethings to kick ass female entrepreneurs. And tune back in next Monday for Part 2 with even more tips for your personal entrepreneurial journey.

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28: Life Hack: 6 Tips To Unlock Your Inner Creative Genius Right Now

In today’s episode, Mia picks Nicole’s brain on how to get creative on a moment’s notice & what tools we can all add to our toolkit to thrive. Press play for tips on tracking, scheduling, resting, changing up scenery & more to ignite bursts of creativity.

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27: Trend Alert: Our Newness Radar of Celebs & Companies Getting Creative in The Q

Need some creative inspo for your side hustle or personal goals?!

Tune in to today’s show for:
– the two different pandemic productivity types
– the artists, creators & founders doing big things right now

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26: Pro Tip: 5 Ways to Stay Sane on Social Media In Our Current Crazy World

Since you’ll spend 6 years & 8 months on social media over your lifetime, we sat down with social media marketing icon @taylor.lorenz from Later (one of the biggest IG apps) to discuss all things internet. 

* How to use social media in a healthy way right now
* The pandemic’s effect on Instagram & friendships
* Our top tips for identifying triggers & staying sane long term

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