nicole rosé

45: Life Hack: How to Build an Alter Ego to Boss Up & Face Your Fears

You don’t have to be Beyoncé to use an alter ego to take your career or side hustle to The. Next. Level.  Pop on today’s episode to hear how Nicole built her alter ego (DJ Rosé) and how you can do it too.  You’ll learn the psych behind the hack and the 5 fun steps to bring yours to life.

Ps. RIP RBG. We recorded this episode before she passed and wanted to leave it in to show how strong her legacy already was, is and always will be. Fun Fact: RBG granted women the right to sign a mortgage solo, the right to have private bank accounts (whoa!), and equality in the workplace on many levels.

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44: Pro Tip: How To Turn Kindness Into Your Secret Weapon w/ Adrienne Bankert

In today’s episode Nicole sits down with Emmy-award winning journalist, author and speaker Adrienne Bankert to talk about all things kindness and how it can be your hidden super power.

Tune in to hear:
– how your kind-self is your best self
– how kindness will help you reach your career and personal goals
– how to reset when you’ve been unkind

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43: Life Hack: Micro Habit Magic… 4 Easy Tips To Improve Your Life in 30 Days

Micro habits are the secret weapon of the uber successful & being aware of your “bad habits” can help you boss up overnight (who doesn’t want that, AMIRITE?!).

In this episode, Nicole & Mia:
– spill the tea on their bad habits
– define micro habits… with personal examples
– share actionable tips to help you accomplish your goals

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42: Pro Tip: The Future of Fitness & Finding Your Flow at Home (Giveaway!!)

Nicole sits down to chat with longtime bestie, pr guru & fitness founder Kiara Horwitz about WTH we’re all going to do when the temperatures drop!! And we giveaway the wellness kit you’ll need to survive.

We discuss:
– fitness as mindfulness
– how to get motivated to WOFH… work out from home… duh
– listening to your body

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41: Life Hack: How to Handle the Next Massive 2020 Moment – The Great Conjunction

Something tells me you aren’t exactly looking for any more curveballs in 2020, AMIRITE?!  Us either. So pop on this episode to learn what The Great Conjunction is (hint hint: it has to do with the planets), when it happens & all the things it will affect. Who knew there was a crossover between astrology and… elections?  This only happens once every 20 years so we share our top 4 hacks to use it to your advantage!

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40: Pro Tip: How to Make Money Moves in a Pandemic & 3 Financial Predictions for 2020

Nicole gets personal with Farnoosh Torabi, a famed financial strategist, TV host & best selling author.

In a weirdly disarming, almost funny chat about money, they discuss:
– why the economy & the stock market are so mixed up
– how to think about saving vs. spending right now
– her top 3 financial predictions for the next year

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39: Life Hack: 5 New Ways to Make Friends & Win Biz in a Virtual World

If you’ve listened to Nicole & Marshall before, you know they can make a boring topic like “networking” fun, weird & a bit raunchy.

We know many of you are thinking about making some career moves, so we share our top tips on:
– using your secondary network
– following up without being creepy
– sparking incoming conversations
– maximizing Instagram
– connecting others

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38: Pro Tip: How to Make a Big Move & Network Like a Pro w/ The Lipstick Fever

We sit down with beauty/fashion blogger, fellow podcaster & new mom, Em Roberts from The Lipstick Fever, to chat all things related to moving & uprooting your current life to construct your dream life.  And, most importantly, how to show up across the pond (or wherever you’re going!) with a new crew. If you’ve been wondering if your current city is the right home for you then we gotchu!

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37: Trend Alert: New Movies For All Your Moods & Theaters Reopening

You’re running out of things to watch… we get it. That’s what we’re here for. Nicole & Marshall hop on the pod to discuss the pros & cons of going to see shows in theaters and deliver descriptive reviews of current must watch hits without spilling the tea!! Get your listen on & make your watch list for the long weekend!

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36: Pro Tip: Beauty & Self-Care Hacks From An Over 30 Niche Influencer

Girls… this one is special!! Jackie Johnson, comedian & host of the Natch Beaut podcast, hops on our show to give her top recs for looking flawless in 5 minutes on zoom and shares some serious (& seriously hilarious) self-care hacks for our current times.

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