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64: How To Use Your Intuition To Step Into Your Power w/ Psychic Colby Rebel

We all get that gut feeling, but do you truly know what it means? Well, you’re about to find out because today Nicole chats with Colby Rebel, a psychic medium, and she has all the answers! Colby has written 3 books, coached hundreds of women, built her own intuition center and more!

Press play to hear Colby give tips on:

-growing your intuition
-separating intuition from anxiety
-expanding your awareness
-finding & following your inner compass

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The Mindsets & Habits of True F*cking Queens

Nicole sat down with 5 amazing founders and influencers to uncover what makes them feel like a true queen and their traditions for celebrating Galentine’s Day. Whether it’s meditation, spending time at the beach or simply lighting a candle, we all have our rituals to pump ourselves up!  Our guest cohost, Tiesha Torres, is a…

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63: The Mindsets & Habits of 5 True F*cking Queens & How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Welcome back, ladies!! We’re so excited to be back on with you every Monday morning. And in your honor, we are celebrating self love this month for all our single ladies (married ladies welcome too ;)).  In this episode, Nicole sits down with 5 amazing founders & influencers to discuss:

– what it means to be a true f*cking queen
– the rituals, mantras & activities that pump them up
– how to treat yo’ self for Galentine’s Day & more

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62: BRB: Burnout Is Real!

Here’s the truth: 2020 kicked my ass, too. So we’re takin’ a lil break. And we’ll be back with you in the beginning of February!!

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61: 4 Strategies To Unf*ck Your Life In 2021 That *Actually* Work

Happy New Year, Babes!!! You’re gonna crush it in 2021 & we are here to help! In today’s episode, Nicole sits down with Sonya from the Sup, Babe? squad for a good ol’ Millennial to Gen Z conversation on prepping for a new year, setting goals, manifestation boards & more. Press play to hear them get personal about the best strategies to uplevel your life next year:

1. Be ruthless about what you need to leave behind
2. Set goals but don’t future trip
3. Put on your rose colored glasses, write your story & much more!!

Don’t forget: we are taking a break in January but we will be right back with you full force in February!

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Clean Drinking For Your Holiday Zoom Parties

I’ll be honest. I gave up hard alcohol for my 34th birthday. And then I met Kat Hantas and it all changed. Kat is a Jill of all Trades. She started her career in the mail room at CAA (yes, you really can work your way up!), to producing cult favorite movie Taking 5, to…

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60: 5 Tips For Breaking Into A New Industry In 2021 with Kat Hantas From 21 Seeds Tequila

This is FOR SURE the ONLY podcast where we give you tips on how to drink better this holiday (& after). Nicole sits down with Kat Hantas, jill of all trades & founder of 21 Seeds Tequila, to discuss breaking into a brand new industry (& a male dominated one at that!). Press play to learn:

-how to build a brand that caters to women
-how tequila is actually made (shocking!)
-how to drink “better for you” beverages (alcoholic… of course)
-how being a novice in a new industry is your secret weapon
-how to arm yourself with the right knowledge to pivot your career

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BIG #FACTS About Candles & The Power of Mantras

We recently did an episode and blog post about overhauling and cleaning up your beauty routine. Besides considering what chemicals you put on your skin, have you ever thought about what you’re burning in your home?  Not all candles are created equal. According to Healthline, “burning scented candles can release volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde…

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59: How To Find Your Creative Calling & Use Mantras In Meditation w/ Tiesha Torres from Dorothy B & Co.

Calling *all* up & coming entrepreneurs!! This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Nicole sits down with Tiesha Torres, founder of Dorothy B & Co., to discuss building creative businesses. Tiesha is a former finance pro turned entrepreneur working daily on her greatest passion: all natural, clean burning candles with flair. Press play to learn:

-how she left finance & followed her creative stirring
-how she used her dreams & intuition to solidify the *right* business
-which candles are best for your health
-how to use mantras in your meditation
-her top 4 tips for up & coming entrepreneurs

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58: Turning To Do’s Into Victories & Winning BIG At Anything in Life

In today’s episode Nicole chats DJ-to-DJ, with Clinton C. Sparks:  an American DJ, grammy nominated multi platinum record producer, songwriter, radio host, new author and more!  Clinton has worked with everyone from Beyonce to Kayne, to Lady Gaga (plus many more) & is a marketing BOSS with his own agency. Tune in to hear Clinton tell all on:

-how to win big in life

-the importance of integrity & authenticity to your success

-turning to-do lists into victory lists #ftw

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