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113: How To Connect With A Loved One On The Other Side

If you are struggling with the loss of a parent or a loved, then this episode is for you. You don’t need to live in the black and white space of dead or alive – there is a whole new relationship available to you once we shift this belief. Your grief will slowly transmute into hope that you can continue to connect and build a new relationship from where you both are now.

Press play to hear:
-the mindset shift that will help you go from grief to hope
-the law of physics that will prove your connection is still alive
-my personal experiences in reconnecting with my father
-2 powerful tools to help you reconnect with any loved one

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112: How I Manifested a $5,000 Experience on Accident

We’re always manifesting ALL. THE. TIME. The question is: are you aware of what you are attracting? Are you consciously calling the experiences you want into your life or are you resisting them? In this episode, I share a personal story about receiving guidance from Spirit to keep going in the middle of a manifestation right when I was about to back out.

Press play to hear:

-how the process of manifestation actually works
-how I personally receive guidance from God/Source/The Universe
-a personal story that will blow your mind
-a new mantra to remind you of your power & more!

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111: Your Intention Is Your Superpower

Your intention is the secret sauce that helps you manifest anything you truly want into your life. When you learn how to use it and recognize when it’s set to the wrong station, you’ll realize you have more power than you ever thought possible.

Press play to hear:
-how to use your intention to manifest
-how to segment intend throughout your day
-a personal story that will blow your mind
-a new mantra to remind you of your power & more!

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110: The Secret To Shifting Resistant Thoughts

Resistance is a sticky, tricky topic and some of you will probably feel resistance to the source of it which I reveal in this quick episode. But, the more we lower our resistance in all areas of our lives, the better our manifestations become.

Press play to hear:
-the source of your resistance
-the 2 most common types of resistance
-strategies to talk yourself back to a better vibration
-a new mantra to shift your thoughts & more!

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109: Free Workshop: Manifest Your Best Self In 3 Minutes/Day

This is the non episode episode… press play to hear all about our FREE workshop this Wednesday: 3 Tools To Manifest Your Best Self & Your Biggest Goals. Link below to sign up!

In the workshop, you’ll learn:
-the blocks that prevent you from becoming your best self
-how to build healthy new habits that will support your growth & your goals
-the BEST manifestation method that works for everyone (100s of people have succeeded!)
-techniques for releasing anxiety, accessing clarity & uncovering purpose

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108: 5 Ways To Increase Momentum Towards Your Goals

This episode is all about helping you reach your goals & dreams this year. When you listen to the following 5 tips, check in with yourself and see which one you can honestly improve. And, focus on that… because small shifts can lead to big changes!

Press play to hear:
-why 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail but mid February
-how discomfort is actually a sign of growth
-5 ways to build your momentum towards your goals
-the one habit that has drastically changed my life & more

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107: Your Subconscious Is A Genie In A Bottle

Hello Queens!! I’m back & I’m super excited to help guide you on the journey to all of your wildest goals & dreams this year! This is a brand new episode where I share the back story on how my father planted the first seeds of manifestation in me at 3 years old and how I first started learning that my thoughts create my reality.

Press play to hear:
-the #1 reason some people get what they want & others don’t
-the role of your subconscious & how it affects your life
-how to use your subconscious to support your goals
-a new mantra to help restore your energy as a powerful creator & more

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106: Use These Mantras To Raise Your Vibration

One last quickie before the holidays!! We’ll be back mid Jan so stay tuned ;).

Press play to hear:
-what a mantra is & how to use them
-how my students use mantras to rewire their brains
-10 other mantras that you can try on to see what feels right for you

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105: My Secret Formula To Manifest Anything

We’re back!! Press play to hear:
-my personal definition of manifestation
-the neurochemical cycle of how thoughts become reality
-how to read your emotions to raise your vibration
-a new mantra for this week & more!

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104: Do You Need A Life Coach? & Listening To Inner Authority

We’re back!! Press play to hear:
-the inherent conflict in the term “life coach”
-the 2 things to look for in whatever type of support you seek
-my process for getting from confusion to clarity
-how to connect with your own inner authority

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