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103: A Quick Visualization to Boost Your Influence

We’re back!! Press play to hear:
-what we’ve been secretly building on the DL!
-updates to our show format & what to expect moving forward
-tips for handling extra family time over the holidays
-a quick 2 minute visualization technique to help you influence situations around you

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102: Setting Manifest-Friendly Goals For The New Year

Setting goals is all about asking The Universe for what you want so this episode is jam packed with my tried & true secrets about creating goals that you can actually reach and that end up delivering more than you ever expected. Once you set goals from a place of alignment, you will start noticing that there really isn’t anything you can’t do. So get up, get clear, and switch into manifestation mode because this is your year to shine, boo!

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My *NEW* Web Stories!

101: How To Cultivate Creativity & Revamp Your Skincare / Skin Picking Habits w/ Sara Pirok

Newsflash! You are not only what you put in your body, but what you put ON your body. Everything we’re taught about the beauty and fragrance industry is wrong and Sara Pirok, cofounder of Carter + Jane, a natural beauty company, is here to tell you why. It’s time to debunk these myths and stop lathering toxins and harmful chemicals onto our skin because it can have some serious effects! Instead, try entering the natural beauty world one product at a time and realize just how much it will help you live in your highest, most healthy vibration.

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100: Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude: The Abundance Mindset

Let’s be real—gratitude is all about your attitude. And it’s not always easy to practice! Being grateful has to be something you authentically want to practice, and not just another buzzword you throw around with your friends. Once you truly immerse into a positive mindset and feel the feelings of gratitude right f*cking now, your life will be showered with abundance. And, who doesn’t want that!?

Ps. As we launch our 100th podcast episode, we just want to remind you how grateful we are for you! xo

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99: Unf*ck Your Money Mindset w/ The Slay Coach

Money makes the world go round… there’s no denying it. But let’s be real— our beliefs about money aren’t always positive and can be quite crippling, preventing us from reaching an abundant life. However, there’s no reason to be scared when you realign your thoughts around $$$. Money is energy! It’s a frequency of receiving and an exchange of value. So, start believing in yourself, your knowledge, and your experiences because these vibrations will make all the difference. Know your f*cking worth because we all bring something to the table.

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98: How To Use Meditation To Boost Your Manifestations

I think by now we can all agree that meditation has some serious power, so why not use this practice to manifest your dream life!? When you give yourself the space to reflect, sit in silence, and even just ask questions, you call in good vibrations and push out negative energies. We all use different mindfulness strategies but one thing is true for all people: when you follow the basics of manifestation, you will soon be entering an entirely new version of yourself, one that is even more transformative and aligned than before.

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97: How To Create Abundance & The Truth on Manifestation w/ Julie Piatt

Be ready to take some notes because this week’s episode with Julie Piatt aka Sri Mati, a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author, entrepreneur and healer, is like no other. Her wisdom truly knows no bounds, and you may have to listen twice because this episode is THAT transformative. She shares how she guides people to rediscover themselves in love, understand that our sacred moments are the dark moments, and realize that our unique life print is what sets us apart in the most beautiful way.

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