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69: How To Increase Productivity & Peace in Your WFH Space w/ Interior Designer Maria DeCotiis

WFH has become the new wave but working in your apartment can quickly go from laid back vibes to piles of Starbucks cups and a cluttered mindset. This week, we sat down with Vancouver-based interior designer Maria DeCotiis to learn how to luxe up our WFH space and thrive. She gave her top tips on creating the girlboss desk set up we need to thrive in remote work including natural lighting and adding layers such as animal print.

Press play to hear:
– how natural lighting can create a more inspiring space
– how a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind
– why a little bit of creativity & warmth can go a long way in your WFH space
– how small items like candles can add liveable luxury vibe

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68: Uncovering Your Highest Purpose & Living In Fulfillment w/ Life Coach Andréa Marcucci

This week, we talked about all things higher purpose with transformational life coach Andrea Marcucci. She let us in on a little secret… it’s all about life’s “aha” moments. Her main point: we gotta chill the f*ck out, live in the present moment, and let your purpose come to you. We explore how stillness can be the key to receiving signals from the universe and the power of angel numbers. If you’re stuck in life or facing a major decision this is the episode for you!

Press play to hear:
– why transforming your life is all about the little changes you make
– why we need to slow down and stop “searching” for our greater purpose
– why meditation and mindfulness are essential

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67: The Secrets To Upleveling Your Confidence & Ruling The World w/ Serena F*cking Kerrigan

This week, we sat down with the Queen of Confidence herself to learn all about how she does it all from content creation to hosting her own IGTV dating show all while staying cool, calm and collected all the time. We delve into how she changed her mindset from prioritizing other’s opinions to being her own BFF & seeking validation from within rather than some guy (who’s probably using 3 in 1 shampoo, anyway!!). It’s all about empowering yourself, finding fulfillment from within and unleashing your most unapologetic, bad *ss self!

Press play to hear:
why empowering yourself also is empowering those around you
why journaling and exercising is key to confidence
the importance of seeking fulfillment in yourself before seeking it in someone else

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Supplements as Self Care: Shift Your Mindset & Glow From the Inside Out

This past week, we interviewed Paulina Nelega, the lead formulator and chief herbalist at Natural Wellbeing, and got the 411 on all things health and supplements.  Did you know the peak phase of your health is…. wait for it….. in your 20s?!  Right… if you’re a day above 21, I’m sure your jaw just dropped……

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66: Supplements as Self-Care: Shift Your Mindset & Glow From the Inside Out

We all grew up learning to take care of our exteriors like wear sunscreen, wash your face, use moisturizer; but what happened to working on our interiors?! This week, Nicole talks to Paulina Nelega, a clinical herbalist from leading supplement company Natural Wellbeing, all about why you need to start taking supplements now so you can extend your peak health and live your best life for everrrr (ok… maybe not ever, but a long, long time!).

Press play to hear:
-Why your twenties are your peak health phase
-How to research what supplements are right for you
-How supplements are created, tested & manufactured
-Why supplements are an essential part of a well-rounded self-care routine

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65: Digital Nomad Life: How To Feel At Home Anywhere In The World

In this week’s episode Nicole sits down with Sarah Abdallah, founder and CEO of her own conscious interior architecture and design business. They chat about being entrepreneurial, digital nomads and dive into the purpose and reasons behind it all. Press play to hear Sarah’s 3 tips for people that want to be digital nomads:

– Bring objects that remind you of home
– Know that your internal compass and intuition is always guiding you; be comfortable in the unknown
– Remove the attachments, rules, labels and fear of what people will think of you while you’re being open and vulnerable

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64: How To Use Your Intuition To Step Into Your Power w/ Psychic Colby Rebel

We all get that gut feeling, but do you truly know what it means? Well, you’re about to find out because today Nicole chats with Colby Rebel, a psychic medium, and she has all the answers! Colby has written 3 books, coached hundreds of women, built her own intuition center and more!

Press play to hear Colby give tips on:

-growing your intuition
-separating intuition from anxiety
-expanding your awareness
-finding & following your inner compass

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The Mindsets & Habits of True F*cking Queens

Nicole sat down with 5 amazing founders and influencers to uncover what makes them feel like a true queen and their traditions for celebrating Galentine’s Day. Whether it’s meditation, spending time at the beach or simply lighting a candle, we all have our rituals to pump ourselves up!  Our guest cohost, Tiesha Torres, is a…

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63: The Mindsets & Habits of 5 True F*cking Queens & How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Welcome back, ladies!! We’re so excited to be back on with you every Monday morning. And in your honor, we are celebrating self love this month for all our single ladies (married ladies welcome too ;)).  In this episode, Nicole sits down with 5 amazing founders & influencers to discuss:

– what it means to be a true f*cking queen
– the rituals, mantras & activities that pump them up
– how to treat yo’ self for Galentine’s Day & more

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62: BRB: Burnout Is Real!

Here’s the truth: 2020 kicked my ass, too. So we’re takin’ a lil break. And we’ll be back with you in the beginning of February!!

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