96: How To Use Meditation As The Ultimate Form of Self-Care

Meditation is quite the buzz word nowadays, but what is it really? And how do we use it to our benefit? In this solo episode, you will realize just how simple meditation is. It can be a transformative form of self-care but it doesn’t necessarily look the same for everyone. And that’s OKAY! Once you discover your own unique way, you’ll have access to deep intuition and clarity. You will grow tools to reframe negative thoughts, get clear on your intentions, and build joy and love from the inside out. Meditation is our birthright, so let’s all reclaim our power once and for all!!

Press play to hear:

  • how meditation is an individualized practice
  • how to match your growth on the inside with who you are operating as on the outside
  • how to seek deeper clarity in your quiet moments
  • how to reframe negative thoughts, build joy, & more!

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