7 Tips to Luxe Up Your WFH Situation

7 Tips to Luxe Up Your WFH Situation

Big Queen Energy
Big Queen Energy
7 Tips to Luxe Up Your WFH Situation

WFH has become the new wave but working in your apartment can quickly go from laid-back vibes to piles of Starbucks cups and dead plants. One thing we learned this week: a cluttered space = a cluttered mind.

This week, we sat down with Toronto-based interior designer Maria Decotiis to walk us through her top tips to luxe up our WFH space to increase productivity and joy. Hint:  it includes our fav Dorothy B candles 😉 (don’t miss the full episode and all of Maria’s WFH tips – listen now)

It’s All About That Lighting

If you are working in a modern cave and the only light is coming off your laptop…we gotta have a talk. Lighting is key to a happy and productive WFH environment and in the middle of a pandemic, we can all use a little extra vitamin D. If you are working from an office space that has no windows, plan to take a weekend to test some new spots for your desk into a more light-filled room and let the productive, good vibes flow.

Trying New Positions 

Like Maria said, you gotta switch up your workstation every so often when you’re working from home- anything stale means you are online shopping vs. staying on track. It can be as small as moving from your desk to taking meetings on your kitchen island.  I’m sure we all know from experience (…in other areas…) that switching it up from time to time is half the fun ;).

Stay Organized or Stay Distracted

Maria said it best: “A cluttered space is a cluttered mindset” so in order to optimize your space … get organized. This can be done with desk organizers that hold stationery and pens, extra containers for all your knickknacks, folders, portable drawers, cute bins for your bookshelf, and more.  Staying organized in your office space will help you feel zen and able to focus on that to-do list. 

Layers Layers Layers

No one wants to live in an IKEA display so create a WFH space that feels warm, lived-in, and inspiring.  Maria mentions adding accent rugs, pillows, and colorful drapes to bring a space to life.

Light Your Mantra Candle & Get Inspired

Smell is one of our strongest senses so it was such a “duhhh” moment when Maria talked about the power of candles and small items in your office space. That mini prework or post-work ritual can help ground you and get you ready for work or rest. I know every time I light my “I’m a F*cking Queen” candle, I feel like a boss- ready to crush my #goals. Creating that perfect WFH space that is as luxurious as it is cozy is all about the little things and candles have the power to transform a space from “meh” to “let’s get sh*t done!”

Wallpaper aka An Indecisive B*tch’s Dream

If you rent, are a Libra, or are simply indecisive AF then painting or wallpapering your living space might sound like a nightmare… it did for me. Maria changed my mind with how she described the value and personality temporary wallpaper can breathe into a space. Not only is it easy to remove (security deposit is safe and sound) but you can switch it up when you get bored! Do an accent wall to take selfies with or cover the whole room and make it feel like you’re stepping into your own girl boss queen-dom. 

The key to productivity when working from home is truly staying inspired and loving the space you are in whether it’s changing up one thing on your desk or an entire renovation. Something as small as lighting a candle to inspire your mind before setting out on your to-do list can be your WFH game changer.