The 3 Most Important Things For You & Your Dog

The 3 Most Important Things For You & Your Dog

Big Queen Energy
Big Queen Energy
The 3 Most Important Things For You & Your Dog

If there’s one thing I love more than cocktails and sarcasm, it’s lil Disco – I would do anything for him no matter how loud he snores. I know that goes for all fur baby moms, and that’s why this week, we partnered up with Pet Wellbeing to bring you all the tips on keeping you and your pets happy, healthy and thriving. I chatted it up with their chief veterinarian, Dr. Janice Huntingford…but we can call her Dr. Jan ;).

Dr. Jan has been a vet for almost 30 years and has studied extensively in both conventional and holistic treatment modalities.   She has lectured internationally on pet health & wellness, owns two veterinary clinics, coauthored two vet textbooks, and more.

Pet Wellbeing is all about building products that genuinely help support the health & vitality of your animal, no matter how serious the condition. Many of the products target specific illnesses, but they also have products that target overall health & wellness, like Spark, which little Disco takes. 

You can shop all of Pet Wellbeing’s products and save 15% when you use the code SUPBABE15.

#1 It’s All About Nutrition

We all know that health starts in the kitchen, and it’s no different for our pets! Keeping their health at an optimal level means making sure they are getting all the proper nutrients from all the right things, such as fresh food filled with vitamins, micronutrients, and antioxidants. Think about it. How would you feel if you ate only frozen meals for a week? Prob not so hot. The same goes for your dog – they need all those good good vitamins from fresh ingredients to keep them stunting in the park. 

#2 Supplements Are For Pets, TOO!!!

Don’t be selfish with the supplement routine: your puppy or kitty can benefit from having one too!! Supplements like the ones from Pet Wellbeing can help target a specific issue such as cognitive function, immune system, kidneys, heart health, etc. OR they can work towards your pet’s overall health. Talk to your veterinarian about which supplements can fill in the gaps and make your fluff shiiiiine.

Speaking of vets, before you buy or give your pets ANY type of supplement, make sure the company has a vet like Dr. Jan and the proper NASC certification to be making supplements. You never want to give your pet something that could harm them, and you also don’t want to blow money on sh*tty products (especially when you can use it to go to couples massage … with your dog, that is).

ps: Here is a list of all the companies approved by the National Animal Supplement Council so you can rest assured your pup is getting only the best. 😉

Ppss: Here is a list of the top 4 diet add-ons your dog can benefit from put together by the American Kennel Club (aka it’s legit AF).

#3 Get Active & You’ll Both Stay Healthy

I be up in the gym just working on my fitness… with my dog is the missing part of Fergie’s lyric because getting that summer bod is for both you and your pooch. Getting your dog the right amount of exercise and active time outside can improve BIG TIME’s health and cognitive function!  So get out, get them running, and both of you will have summer bods and optimal health.