93: Spiritual Alchemy, Self-Awareness & The Mindset Behind Ghosting w/ Kenny Brown

Are you willing to be accountable for the fact that you control your reactions, thoughts, and actions? This week’s guest, spiritual coach Kenny Brown, invites us all to take responsibility for ourselves, both the good and the bad, in order to break free from our inner demons. He shows us exactly how to undergo this process through spiritual alchemy, holding our hands through the 7 step process. Kenny even gets into love, relationships, and everyone’s favorite dating technique, GHOSTING, shedding light on how we can release our ego and set boundaries for people who don’t deserve our big queen energy!

Press play to hear: 

  • the difference between a spiritual coach & a mindset coach
  • how to manage our energy in dating 
  • the 7 stages of spiritual alchemy
  • ghosting, real talk about sex, & more!

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