72: Uplevel Your Money Mindset & Manage Your Time Like a Pro w/ The Freelance Fairy

Alex Fasulo is the self-proclaimed Freelance Fairy and she is here to help you up your side hustle game and grow that money mindset. We sat down with Alex this week to talk about how she quit her 9-5 and became a freelance star earning a six-figure salary, how she started trending on Apple News (it involves influencer dogs so you don’t wanna miss it), and why waking up early is all that it’s cracked up to be. If you’ve been feeling stuck and wanting more out of life than 9-5 small talk then Alex’s episode is for you!

Press play to hear:  

  • how to take the leap from corporate to freelance
  • why content batching is key to freelance success
  • you never stop learning (and you shouldn’t)

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