71: Supercharge Your Journey to *NEXT LEVEL* You w/ Brand Coach Simone Erotokritou

Mindset Alert: You are the CEO of your life and you should always be looking towards the future, babes! This week on Sup Babe, we explore growing into the next and best version of yourself with personal brand coach and boss babe Simone Erotokritou. Simone is a global brand coach, author, speaker and Nicole’s very own business coach. We talk about the importance of finding a coach you connect with, why showing up as your ideal self is critical and how journaling can create next level clarity. If you are feeling stuck between where you are and where you want to be… this is the episode for you!

Press play to hear:  

  • how to operate online with intention and awareness
  • how to increase clarity around your ideal future self to get there faster
  • the importance of realigning and reflecting through journaling
  • one more secret mindset tip to help you feel like you slayed the day (every day!)

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