70: Dr. Jan On Following The Signs of The Universe & Keeping Your Pet (& Yourself!) in Peak Health

If you are a dog or cat mom, you know that those little fur babies mean everything (no matter how many times they pee on your new carpet) and that you would do anything to give them a happier, healthier life. This week we sat down with Pet Wellbeing’s Chief Vet Dr. Jan Huntingford about how natural supplements can not only support but optimize our pet’s health. Dr. Jan spills all her holistic treatment secrets that will keep you and your fur baby thriving.

Press play to hear:  

  • how you can stumble into your life’s purpose 
  • why your dog/cat needs more fresh food in their diet
  • why pet supplements need to be approved by a veterinarian
  • why exercise is important for a pet’s cognitive function

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