69: How To Increase Productivity & Peace in Your WFH Space w/ Interior Designer Maria DeCotiis

WFH has become the new wave but working in your apartment can quickly go from laid back vibes to piles of Starbucks cups and a cluttered mindset. This week, we sat down with Vancouver-based interior designer Maria DeCotiis to learn how to luxe up our WFH space and thrive. She gave her top tips on creating the girlboss desk set up we need to thrive in remote work including natural lighting and adding layers such as animal print. 

Press play to hear:  

  • how natural lighting can create a more inspiring space 
  • how a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind 
  • why a little bit of creativity & warmth can go a long way in your WFH space 
  • how small items like candles can add liveable luxury vibe

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