4 Tips For Surviving Mercury In Retrograde

4 Tips For Surviving Mercury In Retrograde

Big Queen Energy
Big Queen Energy
4 Tips For Surviving Mercury In Retrograde

Fi. nal. LY!  Mercury in Retrograde officially ends July 12th. Who else can’t wait for things to get back to normal… I mean, as normal as things can be in a global pandemic.

What you need to know:

-Mercury is the BOSS of communication

-Venus, Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter also retrograde at the same time 

-This particular retrograde is coupled with Cancer so will make us all feel more emo

-Clean up continues for about 2 weeks after retrograde ends

When it comes to all the things MiR affects, think the 5 T’s: Thinking, Timing, Talking, Travel, and Technology. These past few weeks, we’ve had to work extra hard to make sure Mercury doesn’t screw up our schedules, plans, and relationships. It was all about double checking our schedules (and ourselves), blocking out extra time for travel (but who’s really going on a plane right now?), and just slowing it allll down.

We’ll all be in the clear a couple weeks from now BUT until then, we recommend:

-double (triple) check your schedule 

-give yourself extra time when traveling 

-use caution when communicating

-anticipate problems (it’s way harder to be pissed when you know it’s all going to be f*cked anyway!)

So, what does the end mean? Things are gonna get a bit easier. Less stress (and stress eating), more time to focus on building important relationships. Our plans will be more concrete and not fall through, and we can start to focus more on being the best versions of ourselves. Cheers to Mercury being out of retrograde!


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