Pro Tip: How To Eat Your Stress & Keep The Summer Bod

Pro Tip: How To Eat Your Stress & Keep The Summer Bod

Big Queen Energy
Big Queen Energy
Pro Tip: How To Eat Your Stress & Keep The Summer Bod

We sat down with a health boss to help you curb some of the stress eating and keep your summer bod goals in check. Jillian Tuchman is a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition from New York University. Her motto is: everyone can heal (brilliant! and not what most doctors tell you). Before building her private practice she was head of nutrition for trendy vitamin company Care/of. She takes a more holistic approach by using nutrition, genetics, & energy to facilitate healing. She also happens to be my health coach and has literally saved me from debilitating allergies and histamine intolerance. You can learn more about Jillian or contact here via her website here.

Seriously, every single person should listen to the full episode here, but if you aren’t already convinced, her main points are below:

#1 Check in with yourself

Are you eating because you’re truly hungry or is there some emotion that you’re trying not to feel? Sidebar: don’t work in the kitchen!!

#2 Make sure you’re eating protein & fat with every meal

Protein helps to anchor your blood sugar, keeping insulin in check; while fat contributes to the feeling of satiety, both of which can help to achieve the summer look you’re going for.

#3 Practice mindful eating

When you’re eating a meal, focus on making that the only thing you’re doing – put down your phones, stop working, etc. Truly focus on what you’re eating, tasting the flavors and noticing the textures. 

#4 Steer clear of foods you tend to binge

There’s nothing wrong with having “treats” every now and then but if there are particular foods that you’ve noticed you have a hard time controlling yourself around, choose to keep them out of your house. 

#5 Work to create a positive feedback loop

Mindset is half the battle in keeping your summer bod. All of the decisions you make affect other decisions you make, which then affects how you look & feel.

Don’t be stupid like me and wait forever to find the right help. You can always try a non traditional route and go back to MDs if you see fit. Sending everyone love & health.


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