Trend Alert: Not So Basic Outdoor Activities For Your Best Summer Life

NPR recently released a list of activities organized by their safety levels so we wanted to share some ideas on how to start savoring your summer while being safe. We know you’ve probably forgotten about Coronavirus given… well… everything.

But we got a status update from an expert for you:

  • Wearing a mask is literally the #1 form of protection that you can take.
  • Think of it like this: if you would wear a condom when you have sex… you should wear a mask when you go outside… and if you’re not doing either… we just won’t go there.
  • You should still wash your hands like a normal freaking human but unfortunately, this hasn’t been shown to be incredibly effective at stopping transmission.

If you want all our pervy viral load jokes (or you really just want to actually get more deets) check out our podcast here:

Here are our top 3 tips for staying safe:

  • Small groups are key
  • Go outdoors for fun
  • Avoid big crowds

Now… onto the not so basic ideas for your best summer life.

#1. A bar crawl with your friends. Last week a couple of my friends walked around in Brooklyn and grabbed margaritas on the go. It’s a good way to get out of the house and get a lil tipsy BUT check your local laws before doing this. I’m not responsible (my lawyer told me to say that).

#2. Work out in the park with your friends or trainer. Bonus tip: make sure your trainer is hot. More bang for your buck (if you know what I mean).

#3. Go glamping in your backyard. You can just literally move all your furniture outside and pretend you’re at a 5 star hotel … just in your backyard. This is a great way to have guests over for a little get together too. Sidebar: this one only works if you actually have a backyard.

#4. Put on your own Facetime photoshoot. This new trend was brought to my attention by the sup, babe? squad because apparently it is blowing upon TikTok. You have your friend photo direct and snap your photos over Facetime. You can also just be slightly more basic and drag a friend out for a real photoshoot. No one’s judging you but you.

#5. Rent a car & GTFO. Hit the beach, the mountains, or another national landmark near you. Do a drive by to your friends and honk until they run out of the house in their underwear freaking out…. you catch my drift. You create the journey you want to be on.

#6. Adopt a pet. If you’re looking for a reason to move your tush, a dog will get you out of the house (or at least having you running back and forth cleaning up pee from the carpet). This our bougiest rec so approach with caution. But as a dog owner myself, I would say now is a fantastic time to spend time training them. If you’re interested in adoption (it is absolutely the best option), I got little Disco from Social Tees NYC and I can’t say enough good things about their team. You can literally pick your pup here on IG.


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