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ICYMI: this is your weekly update on what’s up in the world so you can life your best life, still sound informed, & skip the real news. Because depressing sh*t sucks. We got you.

  • Woot Woot! All 50 states have reopened to some extent… very much varies between them but getting us excited for more to come!
  • Airlines are starting to see travel pick up again… Southwest reported this week that they had more bookings than cancellations (finally! that’s like a company having more returns than sales… sounds pretty crazy).
  • Antibody testing is fully up & running! So you can maybe get back to your real life! Check out Quest, CityMD & more. If you live in a highly saturated place or fell ill between January and now (or like… went to Sundance or Asia… or anywhere by air), we recommend getting the test so you can possibly have some peace of mind. If you want to have it covered by your insurance, call your doc to have them set it up. If you want to do it today, whip out the cc and sign up on
  • Movies are skipping the theaters & coming straight to your TV (thank god, because I’ve already finished Netflix….). Tom Hanks and Adam Sandler up next.
  • Contact tracing via bluetooth is officially becoming a thing: 3 states have already started and several governments around the world are looking to use the tech for their tracking (oops! I mean *tracing* ;)).
  • And for our small biz owner friends, now you can turn your fan page into a store front w/ Facebook Shops (also works on IG… I know… no one uses Facebook anymore).
  • Oh, and Facebook now owns Giphy so they can serve you ads on all platforms… WOO HOO.
  • Lastly, some tips for combating loneliness from CEO’s at the top… because we’re all CEO’s now… and we’re all lonely AF.


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