Summer Jetset Guide

Now… I don’t pretend to be a travel expert. Nor do I think everyone should go hopping on planes and making grandiose plans before lockdown is lifted BUT I can say this: in my late 20’s to early 30’s, I got on a plane to DJ every other week. Sometimes multiple times a week. I specifically remember a couple years ago I went from playing the Frick Young Fellows Ball in New York straight to Aspen, then to Japan, New York, LA, Coachella, LA, New York, and finally to Cuba. And then died. And then came back to share it with you ;).

That is NOT to brag… full disclosure: I was exhausted. But as someone who’s used to traveling frequently for work, the circumstances we’re living in can feel a bit foreign. And now that it’s sunny and nice outside, I’ve been starting to think about how we can have some semblance of summer in a healthy and safe way.

Since there’s no summer vacation guideline out yet, we took it upon ourselves to make one for you by scouring the internet and digging around the blogs of our fave experts like: The Points Guy, Henry Hartveldt (an aviation guru) and travel concierge Virtuoso. These are all super credible sources to help you all plan your summers.

What to expect:

  • airports will feel like hospitals: masks will be mandatory….
  • we’ll all be taking our temperatures before boarding (I hope they do this before security to save us the effort…)
  • everyone will Naomi Campbell their seats before sitting and you’ll see people in full hazmat suits at the airport (but make it fashion)
  • travel insurance will now be a “thing” — policy purchases spiked 200% since January (aka your amex doesn’t protect against a pandemic)
  • it will take a year for vacation rentals and hotels to get back to 80% of pre coronavirus numbers according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • airlines will socially distance.. ie. you won’t get that extra legroom back but you might not have to sit in the middle seat (Delta had them blocked out on a recent TPG flight)

What to plan:

  • road trips will be suddenly chic again
  • RVs are making a comeback (personally thought they were dead after Breaking Bad but not a bad option right now)
  • destinations with outdoor (socially distant) offerings will flourish
  • property rentals will be safer than hotels… best to go and stay a while than hit a bunch of places
  • antibody tests are key

Since you can “WFH” you can basically WFAnywhere… so I get why people are starting to catch the travel bug. Just to reiterate, we highly recommend getting an antibody test before you hit the road so you understand the risks. The new ones are supposed to be very accurate! And obviously, if you feel any symptoms whatsoever, CANCEL and STAY INSIDE.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay sane.


nicole rosé

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