PSA: Our Top 6 Tips For Traveling During The Pandemic

PSA: Our Top 6 Tips For Traveling During The Pandemic

You know that saying.. with great risk comes great reward? Same situation for travel right now. I know how you guys feel… and that’s why we put this piece together:

You want to travel.

You can’t sit still.

You’re antsy AF.

Yep. We’re all there too. Here’s our main takeaway from scouring the internet to keep you all safe:


You can listen to all this on the travel segment on our Sup, World episode from this week here:

Experts Agree: with more travel, comes more risk but there are ways to minimize it. We read everything we could find from from travel experts, exposure scientists and even the CEO of Airbnb and consolidated it in this nice, simple, actionable piece for you and your summer vacay.

Most experts (and your fellow constituents) agree: renting an Airbnb seems to be safer than staying in hotels. AND Airbnb had MORE bookings this year than Memorial Day Weekend last year. So, clearly people are starting to feel more comfortable with this option as well. The CEO, Brian Chesky, said he’s noticed travelers are sticking to drivable domestic destinations within 200 miles of their home (which is about a 3 hr drive depending on how much you speed). Booking time has increased to a week or longer (because… you know… no one goes into an office any more).

While the hotel industry is down about 80% on average from this time last year, we are seeing a new trend: “day use” has spiked by about 900% in the last two months. You’re probably like wtf is day use?!

People are using hotel rooms as offices (or places to escape their families). Hotels By Day is a company that does exactly that: it was started in 2015 & has 1,250 hotels on the platform. It’s unclear from their website whether this was started for work traveler flexibility or for secret romantic meet ups but you’re all adults and can form your own opinions.


  • Consider your mode of transportation: driving is likely safer than planes if you use drive-throughs and don’t have to stay over night several times to make it there.
  • Reduce human contact as much as possible. Yep. Skip the elevators. Don’t stay on a high floor.
  • Don’t use enclosed restaurants: bring food or order room service… who doesn’t love room service?!
  • Bring your own supplies & re-clean upon entering. Tyra Banks the shit out of your room!!
  • Get air filters.. go big or stay home. FYI: they can reduce viruses in your home up to about 99%.
  • Assume everyone is infected. Just like how I assume every guy is an asshole? Yep. Works better for avoiding Coronavirus.


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Giphy Source: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight attendant