INSIDE INTEL: NYC’s Phases of Reopening… Explained

NYC just reopened and in less than a week Cuomo got 25,000 complaints about businesses for:

  • large gatherings
  • people not wearing masks
  • people not social distancing

(You know who you are…). Essentially, Cuomo has the ability to reverse the phases of reopening if people and businesses do not comply. So far, his team says most infractions have been from bars and restaurants that are technically supposed to open for more than takeout *only* in Phase 2. As of now, we’re set to begin Phase 2 on Monday, June 22nd (so long as all you hooligans behave yourselves this weekend).

Since no one really knows what the hell is going on… we did the research for you. If you’re lazy AF and prefer to listen… sit back, relax & pop on the pod below:

Phase 1:

-Absolutely nothing you’d want to do except retail (but only for in store pick up aka not for actual shopping).

-Construction & manufacturing are back on. This sent hundred of thousands of people back to work. Woohoo!

-Tennis is the sport of the summer. Low contact if you can still hit the ball.

Phase 2:

-Dining al fresco is officially allowed (although from the looks of Instagram, you have already been doing this).

-Real estate swings its doors back open. Will be interesting to see what happens to NYC prices this summer….

-Retail opens for in store shopping. No more aimlessly peering into windows wondering when you can swipe your credit card again!

-Professional services i.e. nails, hair, etc open back up. I’m personally not sure if I’m ready for someone to breathe on my nails just yet. But I’m certainly ready for them not to look terrible anymore.

-Finance & insurance companies head back to work.

-NO: malls, gyms, movie theaters or concert venues. We asked Daddy Cuomo to reconsider and he said to grow the F up.

Phase 3:

-Restaurants fully open so your dating life can resume sometime this year.

-Hotel amenities reopen. I don’t remember the last time I drank a glass of wine I didn’t pour. Who feels me?

Phase 4:

-This phase is all about the arts: movie theaters, concert venues, art museums, basically everything you love about New York comes back to life.

-Education also opens… looks like kids are going back to school this fall although according to the sup, babe? squad, some schools have already gone virtual for the remainder of the 2020. Aren’t you glad you’re not in college right now? Actually, scratch that… working in COVID is way f*cking worse.

So here’s how it works: each phase gets assessed over a two week period where Cuomo tracks infection rates, hospitalizations, complaints, etc. and then he determines if we are allowed to upgrade.

I’ll just give it to you straight: it’s going to take all of us not acting like assholes if we want to see a glimpse of normal New York this summer. Stay safe. Stay blessed.


nicole rosé

Giphy Source: Vevo New York Image

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