How To *NOT* Kill Your Quarantine Buddy

If you’re alone, then we’re sorry for you. But you probably don’t need to waste your time reading this (I’m sure you have lots to do anyway).  Those with partners, read on. And please share what works for you back with me!

We’re all social creatures. And those of us that live in big cities are feeling all sorts of crazy being cramped up in tiny apartments. Throw a dog and another human being in there and you’re SHOOK. What do I do?! How do I handle this #quarantinelife situation?  

Well, lucky for you, I have spent the last two weeks in quarantine with my ex and my old, cranky dog and have come up with some solutions that should help us all (yes, he’s crazy so we started quarantining early.. YAY).

1. Set a Sched: Here are the times we work out. Here’s when we’re gonna have dinner.  I meditate from 8-8:30am and need my space… whatever your priorities are.. make them heard. And take theirs into consideration so there is some type of structure you two can adhere to rather than constantly squabbling.

2. Plan Together: Check in with each other each morning for any adjustments.

3. Find Common Ground on Common Space: Do you both work in the same room? We do… it also happens to be the only room with tables and chairs so there’s that. We try to alternate conference calls/video chats when possible. We limit TV (aka I will personally melt into the floor if I hear the news all day) and we set times & vibes for tunes between calls.

4. Stop Being an Asshole: Aka use this as an opp to become more self-aware. Rather than making a snarky remark about his/her shitty singing voice (#guilty!!)… maybe dig deeper and see why this is aggravating you and ask for help from that perspective instead.

5. Practice Social Distancing: Just because you’re stuck together doesn’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING together. My ex and I watch completely different shows, so we come together for our joint binges and then separate for stuff we don’t agree on. Let’s be honest… given that we already broke up.. there’s alot we don’t agree on.

6. Fill Up His (or Her) Cup: Yes, this is an annoying situation. And yes, we’re all stressed. And yes, we all have so many questions. But we’re also blessed at the same time.  If you’re lucky enough not to be alone for multiple weeks on end- that in and of itself is something to appreciate. When you get the chance, take an extra moment to do something nice for your quarantine buddy. Put on a fun playlist you both like, pour out some wine you both drink or compliment them on something random. Because right now, all we have is each other. Mic drop.

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