How To Make Quarantine Your B*tch

Ok so we all recognize that this is a horrible, horrible time. The death rate in NYC was the highest ever this week. We’ve all been locked up for a month. We’re all going f*cking nuts. You’re sick of all your sweatsuits but you feel stupid shopping online only to stare at your cat. I’m sure every single one of us is bleeding cash in some way or another (as you can imagine, being a DJ right now is fantasticcccc.. (insert sarcasm here)). 

BUT, there is a silver lining.  There are some small opportunities to find ways to win and set yourself up for success when you get back to the *real world* (whatever that is) again.  I’ve been working on some of these ideas myself mainly to keep from jumping off the balcony so figured I’d share some of my thoughts. Would love for you all to reply or comment below with yours!

  • Learn to meditate. Let’s start here. I began over 5 years ago when my father passed away. There are so many misconceptions about meditation and so many different ways to meditate.. now is your time to try it all. (Does anyone want personal help? I’ll coach the first 5 people who email me for free.. of course).
  • Redo your dating profiles: So you are reaaaaadyyyy when the time arrives. If it hadn’t brought in a winner yet, it could probably use an update (and you probably have the time).
  • Reflect on #goals… wow.. sh*t has really CHANGED, huh?! Now is a great time to look at the 2020 goals you set and see if they still resonate with you or revise. For instance… I never knew how much I love being a housewife!! 😉
  • Build a rock solid morning routine…I think this is something that entrepreneurs are already up on but it can help everyone crush their day. I’ve given interviews and written articles on this- happy to share more deets (if you want the inside scoop, let me know).
  • Try a new work out or a new work out routine and get in the habit neowwww. (I am trying to do 15 minutes of stretching and core before my morning walk to help a little more with my very unrealistic #abgoals)
  • Try a new beauty routine… this always takes me a while to figure out when I want to switch it up so take the time now to order new products and test everything when no one has to see your face.
  • On that note, you could try a new ‘do (if you can ‘do it yourself): I’m REALLY tempted to whack my hair off.. thoughts?! I figure, at this rate, I’ll have months to grow it back.
  • If you’ve opened Instagram in the last month, you’ve probably come across this idea: spend some time learning how to make foods you’ve never made before, how to prebatch etc.
  • Sign up for online classes… there are many places offering free or reduced rates right now from incredible, accredited universities. I am personally enrolled in The Science of Well-Being and Financial Markets from Yale. Here’s a link to Coursera where you can check out hundreds more.
  • Read, read & more reading. If you need new recs, I’m reading How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell (v interessante!) and just ordered Judgement Detox from Gabby Bernstein. Super Attractor is a great pick too!
  • If you’re quarantined at home, spring cleaning… duh. Clear those closets out. I’m jealous of you.
  • Get cozy with the stock market… I’ve always wondered WTH is going on with my money (and you probably have too)… figure now’s as good a time as ever to understand it.
  • Re-watch Tiger King… just kidding. Please don’t. (unless it’s the new one.. if it ever drops).
  • Get REALLY good at scheduling & time blocking: I have friends that literally time block in 15 minute intervals. I’m not on that level but I do very much agree that building my schedule into specific time blocks the night before I finish work makes my morning so much more zen. Sometimes, there’s freedom in a schedule.. think about it ;).
  • Upgrade your #quarantinelifestyle. Pajamas were already chic but now it’s time to go all in on the sweatsuits and yoga pants.
  • Test out some telehealth. If we’re anything like, we put off nonessential doctor’s appointments until… well… when it becomes essential. BUT lots of health issues can be tackled over the phone and now’s a great time to mine your network for referrals or research people online.
  • Plan your dream trip for 2021…. just make sure not to mess up the dates. Wouldn’t it be great to have something to look forward to? Even if it is a year away.
  • Clean up your IG… archive those posts that just aren’t quite so “on brand” anymore… I know you know what I mean.
  • Take a personality test & get to know yourself a little bit better: I just took this one and humility is dead last on my list of strengths.. pretty sure that makes it my weakness. So apparently the internet really can read you like a book.
  • Beautify your surroundings…easier if you are quarantined at home. But this is a great opp to order some new items to spruce up your apartment.

Ok. I’ll pause now. That’s probably a mind-full. One thing worth noting, the word “routine” shows up in here quite a bit…. and that’s because it’s the way to effectively build new habits that you’ve always wanted but procrastinated on. And now you have no excuse! It takes about 30 days for a new behavior to become a habit (and seeing as we probably have another 30 days of #quarantinelife) now is a great time to attack.


Nicole Rosé

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