How To Give A Sh*t RN

There is so much going on for all of us and given that we can’t physically connect, we’re basically all forced into our own little bubble.. dealing with our own immediate problems and forgetting about what’s going on with our people.

One thing I’ve already learned is that Coronavirus is touching us all in some way, shape or form. But some of us are more affected or more at risk and we have a responsibility to do our best to *virtually* be there for those people.

I’ll be honest. I f*cked up. And I lost a friend. And I don’t want you guys to go through the same pain so while this is a blog based on good vibes, I just want to share that quickly as a wake up call so we can all get with it.

I’ve been thinking since the news on Monday what I could have done better and what we can all collectively do to try to offset some of the other potential side effects of the virus and I came up with the following. Please share anything else that’s been working for you!!

  • Be Honest: Stop asking everyone “how are you?”. Newsflash: everyone is upset! And no one feels comfortable replying to that question with honesty. I’ve been saying: “Let’s cut the crap, what’s really going on with you?”. It’s not perfect, but it starts a different convo that can go deeper than superficial interaction.
  • Relief With Love: For just $12, you can send a personalized bracelet to let a friend know you’re thinking of them and at the same time donate a meal to a healthcare worker. The best part is, every time they look down at their wrist, they’ll know they are loved.
  • Be a FaceTime Queen: When someone texts you, FaceTime them right back. I swear it’s not creepy! They’re already staring at their phone.. they will feel too awkward not to pick up. (Ps. Not recommended for use in a romantic setting unless you’re already dating… proceed with caution).
  • Send <3 Through Meditation: If reaching out is hard for you for whatever reason, you can always share love in a more private way. I have been practicing sending love through my morning meditations to those more in need than myself. You could also do this through prayer or whatever spiritual practice works for you.
  • Make Outreach a Habit: Put on your to do list to check in with one friend or more (preferably someone more at risk) every single day. Or even the same friend who needs you more than ever right now. I call at least one person every single morning during my morning disco walk (crazy step mom included!). Adding it into my schedule helps me remember to do it!
  • Go Old School: Send flowers, post cards, print out pics and put ’em in the mail. You can literally go on Amazon and find basically anything and send it. And everyone loves packages in a pandemic.
  • Share Memes: Give your friends an extra laugh… or speak your truth. Either way, they’ll appreciate it.

Here’s the thing: when we’re struggling, we tend to turn inwards. And since EVERYONE is struggling right now, we are all turning inward and less of us are reaching outward. But research shows that just connecting with other people when we feel badly has the ability to uplift our mood.

Who you should be targeting with your outreach:

  • People with a predisposition for depression, anxiety etc
  • People who already lost a family member or close friend to Corona
  • People who have issues with alcohol or substance abuse
  • People who have gone dark on you for a prolonged period of time
  • People who’s businesses are in turmoil or are struggling with their finances

Sending love to you all. Open invite to contact us if you are looking for support or someone to chat with.



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