How To Find Your *Soul* Mask (it’s all in the fit)

How To Find Your *Soul* Mask (it’s all in the fit)

Big Queen Energy
Big Queen Energy
How To Find Your *Soul* Mask (it's all in the fit)

Wearing your mask on your chin is BASICALLY like buying condoms and leaving them on your nightstand… let us explain.

So… we’ve all seen people posting about summer ‘20 being “cancelled” thanks to Ms. ‘Rona. Now, our fav celebrities are going OFF on iconic rants, giving everyone a PSA that Ms. Rona is still here (and she’s not here to play) SO WEAR YOUR MASK (on your face, please)!

Hilary Duff, Patrick Demsey, Tom Hanks, Diplo and more have all gone OFF online about their fellow maskless citizens. And typically, we’re here for an iconic rant but let’s hop into some #factchecks.

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Important Coronavirus Updates:

#1 The average age of new coronavirus patients is 37 years old.
Previously, it was 65 years old. No bueno.

#2 With rising infections, 20 states have mandated wearing masks when you’re out and about. “Until we have a vaccine, widespread masks are our best defense against this virus.” Natasha Bhuyan, MD, One Medical’s Regional Medical Director.

#3 Only 50% of Americans are wearing masks when they leave the house. In case some of you aren’t rocking masks regularly for comfort reasons, we’ve got all your questions answered below.

Mask Fit Tips (From Experts):

#1 It should cover both your nose & mouth with NO GAPS.
Even a tiny gap can let in particles. Your mask should cover the bridge of your nose all the way to the bottom of your chin.

#2 Your mask should fit snugly on your face but not limit breathing. Breath-ability is so important as we’re entering our hot (girl) summer.

#3 Size up for comfort. In this case, the shoe shouldn’t fit. Let’s size up for comfort. Shoutout to our friend and expert from Face It Mask for this tip (they have some really cute tie-dye ones… just FYI).

Mask Buying Tips:

#1 Get ones that are breathable for HOT weather. Get one that fits snug around your snoz. The more structure, the better.

#2 Consider au naturel. Go for cotton or synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are more comfortable and can wick away sweat (think: yoga pants and exercise clothing but for your face). 

#3 Carry back-ups. If you’re out and about all day, back-ups will come in handy. No one wants to see pit stains on your face, babes! If you’re feelin’ boujee, switch them out for style too.

#4 Wash your hands after touching your mask. Try not to touch your mask (& your face) all the time. Better for acne, anyway!

#5 Don’t forget to put it back where it’s supposed to be. If this were a fashion show, maybe you could wear it as a headband or a chin strap. Wear it on your face, don’t let those particles get near you!

If you’re feelin’ fancy and you want to up your #maskgame, we hear you! Accessorizing actually helped us make wearing a mask more fun.

You can purchase either a silver or gold mask chain. And twin with me!

OR if you know you’ll be out & about (and sipping on some bevys) why not scoop a mask with a hole. Here’s our fave so far.

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