6 Steps For Setting Manifest-Friendly Goals 



Throw out everything you currently know about setting goals. All your old workbooks, business spreadsheets and other self help techniques. Clear your brain. Visualize the clearing.

clean the slate

It is important that you set goals from a place for alignment. Goals we set out of alignment will be the wrong goals, won’t manifest AND will discourage us from the process.


that gratitude is an attitude

Return to your purpose, values & vision for next level you so you can tie your goals into them. Does it all still resonate or do you need to edit it?

get clarity

your vision

 Our brains are focusing machines but too many goals confuses your subconscious so it’s best to allow it to focus on a few things and make tangible progress. Create 3 big vision goals each year.

set visionary goals

your vision

Ensure that they are all written positively and in the present tense. Make sure you’re using words that inspire you or else rewrite them so they light you up when you read them.

use present tense

Take a break for a few days and come back to ensure it all still resonates (once again from a place of alignment.). And then feel out the goals for resistance.  Build results & process goals into the big vision goals so you can work towards them daily.

adjust as needed

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